Wilkes Barre DUI Lawyer for any case

You can’t just walk into a Wilkes Barre DUI lawyer office and demand for them to represent you. They have to look at several factors. This is why they offer free consultations. They want to give you an opportunity to sit down and talk to them about your needs. Based on that information, they can let you know if they feel they are a good fit for your situation or not in Wilkes Barre.

They may not be able to take on any more cases of your capacity at that point in time as your DUI lawyer. They may feel they aren’t the best entity to handle your type of case. They have a moral and ethical obligation to share those details with you. They want to win as many cases as they can but they also want to make sure each client has the very best possible representation. That is how the justice system works in Wilkes Barre.

A Wilkes Barre DUI lawyer may tell you that they can’t accept your case due to a conflict of interest. For confidentiality reasons, a DUI lawyer won’t be able to share with you what that happens to be. It could be they are working with someone else involved in the case on the opposite side in Wilkes Barre. They may be working with opposing individuals on another case but it is still a conflict. A DUI lawyer can’t be representing them in one case and then fighting against them in the next.

This is part of why it is essential to start looking for a good Wilkes Barre DUI lawyer as soon as you know you need one. It may be a week or so before you can even get a consultation. That clock is ticking relating to when you need to be in court with a DUI lawyer. If you have a pressing issue where you are pursuing counseling to represent you against someone else, you may have a limited amount of time that you have to work in Wilkes Barre. Don’t let that statute of limitations run out or there is simply nothing more than can be done regarding it.

If a  Wilkes Barre DUI lawyer is able to accept your case, they will let you know. They aren’t going to play games, they will be straight forward with you. Of course you also have the decision to make about if you want to work with them. If you are consulting with more than one DUI lawyer, you need to go to all of the appointments first. Then you can make a final decision and let that entity know.

You need a DUI lawyer that has the expertise for your type of case. However, you also need to feel very comfortable with them. Find out about the cost too because you need to know you can afford what it will take to pay them to represent you.

If a DUI lawyer isn’t able to accept your case, they may give you additional referrals. They may be able to point you in the right direction of one or more Wilkes Barre DUI lawyers who can assist with your type of case. It is a good idea to follow up on those referrals. Let them know who sent you too because these professionals need to know their networking system does work in Wilkes Barre.