Just in time for Florida medical devices

Renting Florida medical devices

There is no doubt that some Florida medical devices can be very expensive. If you don’t need the item for the long term, it is often better to rent it. Your insurance may pay a portion of this and you pay the rest. You can rent by the week, month, or other terms depending on the items and the entity you get them from.

Explore your Options

There should be a few options for you regarding where to get Florida medical devices. Check with your doctor and local hospital. Check the phone book and online to see what you come up with. Then you can call them to see if they offer the items you need. Make sure you only consider those providers that have a very good reputation.

Compare Prices

Don’t hesitate to compare prices either. It doesn’t make sense to rent the same item from a company for more than you could get it for from another. Your money counts, and if you are paying out of pocket then you really need to be diligent about the comparison shopping.

Delivery and Pickup

You will find that most providers of Florida medical devices do offer delivery and pickup services at no charge. If they don’t, then that could be a factor for you. It may be too difficult for you to get the items due to your health, their distance from you, or even the weight and size of the items you need.
If you do want delivery and pickup, make sure you only look at those providers that offer such services. Dismiss those that want to charge you fees for such services too. There are plenty of no cost providers that will do the same for you.

Information on Use

It isn’t enough for the Florida medical devices to just be delivered to you. They need to be willing to give you detailed information about how to use it. They need to be willing to help you get it set up correctly and in the right place of your home. Ask about this before you talk to them about what you need or the prices. If they aren’t going to give you this type of personalized attention, mark them off your list.


Once you are satisfied with what is offered and the pricing, ask for a written contract. This is very important so that you know your rights and responsibilities. All of the details of the rental should be included. If the insurance is to pay all or part of the rental, there will likely be a clause that you are responsible for payment should that claim be denied.


Make sure you know in advance what the process is for returning the Florida medical devices. They will likely wish to examine it before accepting it back. If the items are broken or damaged, then there may be fees assessed. Your contract should discuss all of this information. It should also tell you what you can do if you have any problems with the Florida medical devices you are renting.