The Benefits of Handmade Soap

The Benefits of Handmade Soap for your Skin

There are plenty of benefits with handmade soap. The biggest benefit is you know what will be touching your skin and what will be used on the skin of your children. Labels can be confusing and many people don’t realize that what is certain soaps can irritate the skin.

Healing Properties

The essential oils used for handmade soap can help with healing due to the properties that they contain. Some individuals with very sensitive skin find that their problems clear up when they make the switch. They no longer have to be embarrassed by eczema or psoriasis and they no longer have to use prescription medications to control it either.

Hydrate the Skin

Keeping the skin well hydrated is important, and handmade soap can help with that. Some soaps on the market actually lead to dry skin so you are using oils and lotions to battle it on a regular basis. Glycerin is found in handmade soap and that is going to lock in moisture. It also lathers faster and better than commercial soap products on the market.

Feel Clean

You will feel very clean with homemade soap. The detergents found in commercial soaps can leave you feeling dirty not long after you shower. If you have a long day ahead of you, this can hinder your personal level of confidence.

Safe for Children

As a parent, the ultimate goal is always to keep children safe and healthy. Homemade soap allows you to take care of their bathing needs without exposing them to ingredients and chemicals that can be difficult on their skin.


The elderly can have sensitive skin or even have sores on it. Homemade soap can be gentle for them to use and help them to avoid further irritations of skin sores. They will appreciate the thoughtful gesture when you bring them such soap to use instead of what they have been buying or what may be offered at a nursing care facility.

Plant Based

Most consumers aren’t aware that the majority of commercial soaps are made from a combination of plant and animal ingredients. For those that are opposed to animal use for products, the idea of homemade soap is perfect. This option involves using plant based products.

Reduce Stress

Making handmade soap can be a wonderful hobby. It can relax the mind and the body due to the various fragrances. It can also help you to take your mind of stressful events, to prevent you from snacking in the evening because you keep your hands busy, or just keep you from getting bored. It can be an activity you do with the kids too so that you are bonding rather than all doing your own thing.


Handmade soap works just as good as soap you buy, but you can avoid the harsh elements that may be due to some of the ingredients. Peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly what goes into it is very important. It may cost you a bit more than soap you buy, but the tradeoff is well worth it.